Exams and Astrology (or how the October New Moon could impact you!)

Something you may not know about me (if you don’t know me in “real life”) is that I’m passionately interested in Astrology. I know, I know, the naysayers out there are shaking their heads and grumbling about psudeoscience and new age nonsense, but ever since I was 10 years old, I have been studying astrology. I find this fascinating in itself, for I’m the type of person that falls in little infatuations with certain subjects and can admit to being a bit of a dilettante. The subjects I love stick though— like astrology and American literature and audience/reception Studies. I have noticed an arc throughout my life of my engagement with these subjects, and they never fail to captivate and engage me.

So, you may be wondering why I’m mentioning astrology on a blog post that— based on the title— seems to be headed to talk about exams. And that, my friends, is pretty simple: I just spent some time looking at the moon phase for Friday— the first day of my exam, to see what planet the moon would be in. 



Want to know about the moon and it’s phases? Check out:  http://lunaf.com/lunar-calendar/


Now beware, the next bit will be a little new-agey if you’re not into that sort of thing. It comes from the mind of a person that has studied this a long time, and also the mind of a person who is about to take her major exams for her PhD. The exams that will dictate if I’m ready to move onto my major coursework and my dissertation. So, do I look for signs outside of my stressed out, overly panicked, anxiety ridden self that says “you can do this?” Absolutely. I call on all the saints and the universe and the heavens above to guide me through these waters of self-doubt and crippling anxiety. And I’m sharing this because there’s a chance that someone out there may also find it interesting, or uplifting, or in the very least I will have taken a small break from obsessing about the actual exams to think about something else.

The new moon is all about setting intentions. It helps you to get a clear, good focus on the month ahead. It’s a 4 day window of energy where you can say to yourself or to the void, “this is what I want to accomplish, self!”

For this new moon, it starts on 10/19 in the sun sign libra and has a challenging aspect to Uranus. That says “expect the unexpected” — so it is ideal to be flexible and anticipate something you, well, didn’t anticipate. And the sun conjuncts the moon, which means the next 4 weeks mark a really powerful time to start new things. For me, that might mean a new career entirely should I not pass my exams. Who knows?! Maybe I’ll become an astrologer...

This new moon makes a positive aspect to two stars — Spica and Arcturus, and Uranus, and all together that means it’s a time for wealth and prosperity if you’re willing to embrace the unexpected. Be open minded— the new moon opposite Uranus means that things can get weird, so just say “hey, the next four weeks could be strange” and just embrace that and you could have really cool things happen in your life.  There are some aspects here that says the instinct is to resist change and to possibly feel rebellious against authority figures. Try to avoid this instinct. If you work hard and persevere, good things will happen.  That’s thanks to the new moon sextile Saturn.  Saturn really helps us to keep our nose to the grindstone and work hard and be good. While Uranus is willful and challenging and makes us want to do crazy things.  


New moon chart by Jamie Partridge. For a way more in depth reading of the New moon, see https://astrologyking.com/new-moon-october-2017/amp/

So, what does this mean? It means that this is a great and exciting new moon because there’s a lot of hopeful promise to it. Set your intentions in the 4 days of the new moon cycle (10/19-10/23) and realize you may feel impulsive and weird things could seem to throw you for a loop. Don’t rebel against authority. Listen to the inner voice telling you to work hard and be dedicated, and over the next 4 weeks that could really pay off for you— as new moon cycles have an impact until their next new moon.

For me, I’ll cjoose to see that as a message that I may get some unexpected questions and I’ll take the next few days to plan for the unexpected. And I’ll hope that prosperity and promise will pay off in the long run. 

like the astrology? Want to see more? Let me know in the comments— because this was fun and great stress relief!