What's Your Type? A Personality Project

Hi there! As you may have noticed, I decided to take the summer off of blogging (though I have been making some plans to do some *much-needed* website cleanup-- stay tuned for that), to focus on my upcoming Phd prelims and course prep and such. You know, #phdlife stuff. The new semester starts in 3 weeks, and I'm quaking in my boots. But, I'm back! 

One of the things I am in the process of planning is something I'm calling the "Personality Project" for my 1010 (English composition: Literacy for Life-- our first in the First Year Composition (FYC) sequence) course. I wanted to craft an environment for students writing a narrative that didn't pivot off some of the standard narrative formats, as some writers can feel really uncomfortable with the genre. But, I do want for students to do some quality personality exploration and see where it leads them. 


Originally, I wanted to base this solely off the MBTI (Meyers-Brigg) personality test, but in my research I found that often, people explore personality through different avenues. So, in the name of research, I'm wondering if you would take a brief (10-30 minutes, depending on your responses) survey about your experience with personality tests?  The information collected is totally confidential and will be mostly for my assignment design, my personal interest, and general edification-- though I will post my findings if I found a majority of participants  were interested in seeing them. 

To take the survey, follow this link: https://goo.gl/forms/lJa6NdxupMMzHuE42

I hope you will participate, and please share!