The Bullet Journal App Review

Recently, Ryder Carroll and co released the Bullet Journal app. This little gem runs $2.99 and is billed as a digital companion to your BuJo, so I decided to give it a try and see what I thought. 

Honestly, I can't tell you why it's $2.99-- the price tag is a little weird, but I think it is probably a way to monetize the BuJo site for those that didn't buy into purchasing the "official" bullet journal from the website. The app itself has reflections, articles, a link to the store and website, and a guide for setting up your BuJo.

When you first login, it prompts you to set up twice daily reflection times-- a really neat component. If you have a hard time pinning down set times of day to do your reflections in your journal, this could be a useful tool for you: 


The app asks you to set morning and evening reflection times.  

A description of the value of reflection details how reflection time-- a dedicated "space" in your day for reviewing your Bujo and clearing your mind for the events of the day, thinking about what you did or did not do, thinking about anything you want to get done that day or tomorrow-- is a great use of time. This is a way of practicing mindfulness: of dedicating time to the review of how you spent your time, in a focused, clarified way.  

The detailed and user friendly guide is a great tool for those just starting a BuJo or looking for the "classic" way to Bullet Journal. Here, you will learn all the basics of the system in a detailed, friendly format. 



There's also a WebLink to the knowledge base: a space to search for any BuJo related query under the sun.  

Other than the daily prompts for reflecting, I love the article database: a space where you can search through all the articles posted about Bullet Journaling that are housed on the website.

Of course, you can also buy your own branded BuJo via the app, too. 

Users have already been commenting on things they'd like to see from developers, so I'm eager to see what comes from this app. I'll report back on how the prompts to reflect go -- I usually have at least one dedicated time for reflection, but I am eager to try two. For now, I think this is an app best suited for beginners.