Cultivating Creativity: Using Publishing to Create Agency and Identity in the Writing Center

This past weekend, I presented with my co-editor, Corey Cummings, on publishing and creativity in the Writing Center. We are editors of our center's multimodal creative magazine, Off Center  (second issue coming at the end of this month!and our in development podcast, Interlocution. Our PDF of our Powerpoint is linked here.

Our center launched a multimodal, online-based creative magazine in 2015 to serve our campus community with a goal to celebrate communication, creativity, and the development of artistic voices.  In our presentation, we talked about both "traditional" magazine-style publishing and podcasting, offering an overview of relevant literature and research, our own center's approach, and the way that you can launch similar endeavors in your centers.  We detail how publishing and identity are linked, how art therapy and reflection are integral to the development of creative identity and reflective purposes, and how sound is a full-bodied experience. 

 From our PowerPoint: A slide on Writing and Identity

From our PowerPoint: A slide on Writing and Identity

 From our Presentation on why using sound

From our Presentation on why using sound

As a follow up to our presentation, we wanted to link to a few resources that can be helpful to creating a magazine or podcast at your center:

Canva: A useful took for creating social media posts, some magazine layouts, and basic graphics.  Free and some subscription-based services. Great for those with little or no design background. 
Adobe Spark: Another great tool for social media posts that is user friendly for those with little or no design background. Great for video creation as well, for promotion of your publications. 
Adobe Creative Suite via the Adobe Creative Cloud: Indesign is your best friend for designing magazine layouts. Check and see if your university has a Lynda account to help learn how to design. Students get a substantial discount for use. 
Creative Market: This is an excellent resource for finding magazine layouts, marketing materials, logo concepts, and more. Affordable, accessible, and a great resource for professional design materials. 
Issuu: We publish our magazine through Issu-- an online magazine platform with both free and subscription based services. 

Podcasting and Sound Resources:

If you want to get started with sound in your center, we offered some suggestions that begin with using a microphone and recording device that most people have in their pockets : your cell phone! One way you can use sound is by encouraging center visitors to record their sessions with consultants so that they have a way to reflect back on the session afterward.  

Download a handout on using Sound in Your Center by clicking here

Getting Started with Podcasting

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