Photo by Erin Lee Allender,

Photo by Erin Lee Allender,

Hi! I'm Hillary. I'm a PhD candidate at Middle Tennessee State University in English, with areas of interest in American Literature and Composition and Rhetoric. Academically, I'm  interested in American Literature from 1800-1920, Writing Center Administration,  Cultural Rhetorics, and Audience and Reception studies -- particularly the emergence of the celebrity in American Culture from 1850 onward. 

Prior to pursuing my PhD, I was an entrepreneur with my own business designing weddings in Nashville, Tennessee. I have an extensive background in graphic design, I love design projects of all types from small to large in scope and there will always be a soft spot in my heart for weddings.  I am available for contract hire work for design work: see my design portfolio located at 11:11 Design. 

I love studying popular culture and am a huge fan of television studies-- currently, you'll find me obsessing over Westworld and Crazy Ex Girlfriend. I love celebrating creativity and creative thought, and am the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine I co-founded that explores creativity, Off Center and the co-host of the forthcoming Podcast, Interlocution: A Podcast on the Nature of Creativity. 

In 2017, I launched a series on using Bullet Journals as way to cultivate mindfulness, increase time management, and foster reflection. This series stemmed from my work in using the system in my classroom, and you can read more about that by following the Bullet Journal links above. 

For an overview of my publications and scholarship, please check out the scholarship page;  find out what I'm most currently pursuing in the blog, or download a copy of my C.V.

Thanks for visiting!